Eye Contact

Hello everyone. i'm not going to start ranting shit about myself or about what i like, because that isn't what this journal is for. i want comments. lately i've been thinking:

i'm walking down the street, i see a person whose path will cross with mine, and i try to catch his/her eyes. ninety percent of the times, the person in question while still far away makes several furtive glances in my direction and, during those two crucial seconds that he/she takes to pass by me, miraculously finds some sort of distraction or excuse not look in my direction. knowing that i am trying to make eye-contact.
they look at the ground, the cellphone, the opposite side of the street, ou simply ahead. denying the simple human want of social communication.


jakilini_poh said...

Quantas vezes já te sentiste como essa outra pessoa?

morelli said...

vezes suficientes para admitir a hipócrisia.