The Glue

There was a time, when I was moving from place to place, where I ended up temporarily sleeping on a couch at a friends' for a couple weeks. One day we were hanging out at the café and we all opted to go back to our place to watch the game. Amongst our friends were a few guys we didn't know very well, but we weren't about to discriminate, so everyone came along.

The next afternoon one of our friends in that group called Jimmy came knocking at our door. He seemed nice enough and we had met him already so we let him hang out at the house, just watching tv, goofing off and passing the time. No problem. Jimmy eventually left to see his girlfriend later that evening.

Again, the next day Jimmy was whistling at our door again, and though one of the housemates shut himself in his room to study, the rest of us invited Jimmy up to hang out. When we went shopping for dinner, he came along and bought a frozen pizza for himself, so he could eat with us. No problem, we didn't think twice about it at the time. Following the same routine, Jimmy left to see his girlfriend later that evening.

Sure enough, Jimmy was at our house the next day, and the next. We began to worry about Jimmy, because he came to our house every day that week, spending more and more time at our place with each passing day. My housemates and I started talking amongst ourselves, wondering what was going on and finding the situation rather uncomfortable. Still, we established that the guy must be lonely and decided to tolerate.

For two weeks, Jimmy hung out at our house every single day, making the total fourteen straight days. One of my housemates was already pissed off and had pretty much told Jimmy to not come by our house without sending a message. The other two housemates shut themselves in their rooms most of the time. So I'm left to Jimmy by myself, in the living room where the couch is. He really doesn't do anything, he just sits around beat-boxing with his mouth quite irritatingly and watching me play guitar. One night, after going to see his girlfriend, he comes back to the house, at 4am. We've had enough.

We decided to take action, and try to get rid of him in a indirect, peaceful way. We get invited to eat dinner at another pals' house, and obviously Jimmy isn't invited. We explain to him what's going on:

- Jimmy, we're going to our mates' house for dinner, it's someone you don't know, and we don't think you're included in his dinner plans... - to which he responds:

- Ah thats cool! I can bring a frozen lasagna for myself! -

It's time for a serious conversation.

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jakilini_poh said...

Between friends there´s always the blind one. And there´s no use trying the indirect way, itchy blindness, they only see the direct one. Curiously, most of them are friends we can really rely on.