The Taken for Granted Comma

Once there was a comma, there he is. He distributed his use freely throughout all the documents of the world, letting people take full advantage of introductory words and phrases, parenthetical phrases, independent clauses, quoted material, representing large numbers and separating items in lists.

One day, the comma decided he was getting overused, and quite frankly, taken for granted. He realized that the only way to get some deserved respect was to remove himself completely from the picture so writers could see just how important he actually was.

As a result writing deteriorated into long and pointless babble without any sort of organization only punctuated by jarring full stops. Writers started getting angry and frustrated with their flawed and unappealing texts. While semi-colon and colon tried to make up for the loss they just couldn't fill the void created by the absence of the simple writing tool; there was always the desperate need to make sentences longer and more complete.

When desperation started to settle in and all the journalists and bloggers took to the streets to blame society and the government for the loss of the mighty comma, he reappeared, in all his glory, to retake the throne as the most widely used and respected punctuation mark in all of the documents of the world.

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jakilini_poh said...

Littlest things make the biggest difference, or all the senses.