The Two Coinciding Dealers

Jason arrives at his small hometown, steps out of the bus, and checks his pockets. He’s gotten in on a great hash deal. Only 2 euros a gram. He’s out to make some money.
Josh arrives by car, in his trunk he’s got a good supply of marijuana, he also was able to acquire it quite cheaply. He’s looking to make some profit.
Josh and Jason both have coffee at the same place, being old friends, they start up a conversation.

“So, everything cool?” Jason says, good-naturedly.

“Yeah, long trip though…” Josh rubs his eyes. “I was up last night pretty late.”

“Whatcha been up to?”

“Aw, nothing much, studies, football, the usual. You?”

“Same old.” They both pause. Jason lights a cigarrette.

“Did you catch the game yesterday?”

“I only saw the first half, how did it turn out?” asks Josh.

“It was great! Arsenal’s was up one nil right? So they score another right at the beginning of the first half, two nil. But Newcastle scores like, two goals in 10 minutes, the game ended two two.”

“Wow, what a second half!” Josh looks hurt. “I should have stuck around.”

“Yeah, it was something.” Jason replies. They both pause again. Jason takes a drag on his cigarette. He leans toward his friend.

“You know, I’ve got some great hash if you’re looking for anything.” He winks. Josh answers quickly.

“Naw, I’m fine. But I have weed, want any weed?”

“No, thanks.” They sit quietly.

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